Payment Options

We are proud to accept Visa, MasterCard, Payflex, and EFT Secure.

Payflex EFT Secure


Payflex offers the first truly free payment plan in South Africa. Check out with Payflex and pay only 25% of the purchase price today. You pay the rest over 6 weeks at no additional cost (zero fees, zero interest*). Your goods will be shipped once your order has been picked and packed at our warehouse. *Default fees apply if you miss a payment. You can use any American Express, Visa or Mastercard card (Debit, Credit or Cheque) to make a Payflex payment.


Make an online payment from your cheque, savings or credit card account using your mobile, tablet or pc. No need to create beneficiary or send a proof of payment. A swift, simple, secure 3step payment process.