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Frequently Asked Questions

What is moisture management?

The ability of a fabric to transport moisture away from the body, to the surface of the garment, where it is evaporated quickly, to keep one dry and comfortable.

How does moisture management work?

Moisture is absorbed at the skins surface by an inner layer of thicker fabric which transports the moisture to the thinner surface layer where it is distributed widely and evaporated quickly.

What is waterproof fabric?

This fabric absorbs water very slowly, if at all, water spreads slowly and there is no transport of water or penetration into the fabric.

Can moisture management be washed out of the fabric?

Yes it can, only if a garment is chemically treated to manage moisture and the fabric itself is not constructed to do so.

How do I dress for performance and cold?

Multilayering is the key to comfort and protection. It should include three basic elements: moisture management, warmth and weather protection.

Is new balance environmentally friendly?

Yes we are, we use a number of recycled and recyclable yarns.

Are we ethical?

Yes! We were voted one of the most ethical companies in the world, by Ethisphere Magazine (2007).

What are the benefits of having Lycra (spandex) in fabric?

Lycra (spandex) helps garments hold their shape and maintain comfortable fit wear after wear, and wash after wash.

Does our fabric technology appear in our shoes at all?

Yes it does, you will find lightning dry linings of shoes as well as bio-cool features, in uppers and linings.